Product reviews - 23 May 2022

Why we use Yamaha’s MTX

Why we use Yamaha’s MTX

Our love affair with Yamaha’s MTX began a little while ago for an audio install at The Poetry Society in Covent Garden. That was a simple two room system using Yamaha’s MA/PA range of mixing amplifiers. While it was a small project, we were impressed by the platform and we could see the potential the range had for some of our bigger AV installations.

We were able to put that theory to the test with our project for Silver Fleet’s permanent home, Wood’s Quay, floating on Thames Embankment where we needed to design quite a complicated multi-room AV solution. What we needed was something with plenty of inputs and outputs that could offer programmable user control, and the ability to add networked audio units like Dante interfaces for certain events.

Our immediate thought was the Yamaha CA products range, and specifically MTX. Before specifying the solution for this flagship project, we wanted to make sure it was the right choice, and we were able to get our hands on some MTX units to play with. It was then that we truly realised the enormous potential that this platform had. Once we had given the system the once over we immediately recommended it to Silver Fleet. As you would expect, it worked like a dream on the project and helped us to deliver the kind of flexibility that was needed for the events space.

Since this eye-opening moment, we have used pretty much every unit in the MTX, MRX and XMV range in one install or another. The reason for this is we honestly can’t find another solution for the price that can quite do just as much as this platform can. Yamaha has created a brilliant solution that is backed up by excellent support from their local team and delivers exactly what we are looking for. You can’t ask for more than that!