Case Study

Offering the ultimate Vinyl experience at the Oprington

Coffee with a slice of vinyl

The Orpington High Street Cafe and Record store is a popular location for young families and couples, right through to elderly groups, serving food and drink including early morning breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee and cake right through the day. Better still, the clientele can enjoy a bit of crate digging and flick through the in-store vinyl collection.

Wanting to offer the complete experience for all guests at The Orpington, with it being a record store as well as a cafe, Owner and Manager Scott Buckle was looking for exceptional sound quality. “There was a lot on offer out there with a wide range of information and courses of action,” but when Scott came across Flipside and spoke with James he realised he had found someone who “gave me the confidence – he was genuinely interested in my business and supporting me to find the best solution.”

The brief was to create a relaxing atmosphere with quality sound for customers throughout ‘The Orpington’ but also more fidelity and focus on the record store area. “So many cafes and restaurants get this wrong and it has a hugely negative impact on the guest experience.” Scott was keen to tap into Flipside’s expertise and let them guide him through the process of installing a functional and effective setup. “I was looking for a lot of guidance and trust that I wasn’t being taken advantage of with a subject I didn’t know much about.”

A counter-top set up

There needed to be a counter-top setup to play vinyl, CDs and various other device inputs. Though the budget was perhaps a little tight, Flipside were able to settle on a system comprised entirely of Apart Audio.

“We went with trusty MASK4CT speakers for the seating areas and then a combination of tops and an active subwoofer from Apart’s VINCI HiFi range of cabinet loudspeakers,” says James Cooper, Managing Director at Flipside. “This was the first job we’ve been able to use the VINCIs on since hearing them on our trip to Apart’s Belgian HQ a couple of years back. They really did what we wanted. The VINCI 4 tops in combination with their 10-inch sub give a nice warm and fat sound with real details and brightness.

“Another star of the show was Audio Technica’s LP120 turntable, the deck has a choice of phono or line level outputs meaning we didn’t need to go with a costly RIAA pre-amp.”

Quality solution

The new set-up has gone down a storm at The Orpington, with Scott receiving compliments on the quality and volume. Despite it being loud, it hasn’t offended the older crowd, perhaps the most likely to have complaints.

Cooper concludes: “It was a pleasure working with Scott and it’s great to hear that the installation is working perfectly for his needs and is in place to help in the future with further business opportunities. We are really looking forward to Scott’s next venture!”

Kit List

  • 4 x MASK4CT
  • 2 x VINCI 4 HiFi speakers
  • 1 x VINCI 10S Active Sub
  • 1 x PM1122 zone mixer
  • 1 x Audio Technica LP Turntable
  • 1 x Allen and Heath Mixer