Case Study

Enhancing East London’s celebrated music scene

The pivotal pubs of live music

Founded by Patrick Frawley in 2014, The East London Pub Co. is known for buying and revitalising local landmark venues while preserving their sense of history. The Lock Tavern is iconic as it held shows for the likes of Amy Winehouse and Adele in the early stages of their musical careers.

Recently taken over and renovated by The East London Pub Co, The Gun also has a rich history, first built to cater for artillery factory workers in 1751 before being demolished and subsequently rebuilt in 1929. Bradley Lomas, Director of Operations at The East London Pub Co. explained, “When you look at the bar, you see a lot of industrial materials; the steels, the glass, the copper pipes. That’s really taking the notion of those industrial artillery factories in and around the area”.

Flipside were selected to take on the fitting and quickly learned how important detail and atmosphere were to the ELPC team. Managing Director of Flipside, James Cooper recalls: “we knew we needed to install a high quality and non-invasive sound system, that wouldn’t occupy too much space or detract from the carefully designed and historically inspired décor of the pubs. They wanted to be able to offer good quality audio – something that can offer good performances.”

Power & versatility

With 16 Apart Audio MASK4CT speakers dotted around The Gun and 10 of them placed around the ground floor and garden of The Lock Tavern, the compact design of these loudspeakers offers the combined bonus of space efficiency and incredibly clear sound. The 16 MASK4CT speakers used for The Gun were placed throughout the large open space of the pub to optimise the sound carried through the building.

The MASK4CT speakers can be used for playing a pleasant ambient sound that is audible and clear without needing to be loud – perfect for background music to accompany casual lunches and daytime hangouts. The system is also versatile enough to deliver more powerful and pulsing sound for gigs and DJ nights. The speakers can adapt to the changing atmosphere of either pub, whether it’s lunchtime or an evening gig. Flipside also suspended 2 TW Audio T20i speakers behind the bar at The Gun. These speakers are sure to please customers for years to come with their full-bodied crystal clear sound.

Cooper adds: “When [Bradley from the ELPC] took [The Lock] over, we came in and it was a cool space, but it clearly had been let down by a number of things. Audio being one of them. It wasn’t what it could be. So we knew that was a focus. We fitted The Lock Tavern with 4 discretely packaged TW Audio M8i speakers, which deliver flawless sound ideal for gigs and DJ nights. With DJ’ing in mind, we also placed an Allen & Heath QU-PAC digital mixer in a rack on the wall – locked away to protect it from being fiddled with. It was a simple little desk and is pretty easy for people to use with a little touchscreen programmed up with a couple of presets.”

Bradley was very happy with the new sound at The Lock, saying that “the thing I love about the TW set up that James has put in for us is that during the day when you’ve just got low volume, you can hear it, it’s crystal clear, it’s not too intrusive, and you still get those nice bass notes. Then on a Friday night when we’ve got a DJ in or a band playing, you can really ramp [it] up and it has that club feel and vibe without it being a club, which is fantastic.”

Absorbing the space

Under the stage at The Lock, Flipside installed a super TW Audio B14i subwoofer, which doesn’t take up any valuable stage space, but generates amazing bass. The team also used 2 B14i subwoofers at The Gun, strategically placing them under the sofa. To make the best use of the stage space, 2 low profile RCF stage monitors with quality acoustic output were additionally installed as well as a robust Powersoft Quattrocanali amplifier in both venues.

Cooper explains: “With 4 Martin Audio loudspeakers and two RCF compact subwoofers in the downstairs bar, plus a bunch of APart weatherproof MASK4 speakers through the outdoor areas, we were able to ensure that the venue could maintain a consistently lively atmosphere. We also supplied and fitted an AV system consisting of 2 Samsung NU7400 4K TVs, 1 NEC short throw projector, and Wyrestorm video distribution for high definition entertainment – adding to the customers’ enjoyment of the space.”

The sound system at The Gun runs off of a Yamaha MTX3 matrix for simplified control of the system. With a four-switch wall panel, they can quickly adjust the sound as the space changes. For example, when transitioning from day to early evening, they can pump the music out a bit louder. With 2 lightweight high-powered Outline Eidos 108 subwoofers and speakers in and around the seating, this set-up punches out an incredible sound.

Transforming quality sound

With such success in planning and installing the sound system at The Gun, Flipside were also asked to illuminate the stage area by installing quality lighting apparatus. “We chose to use 8 Chauvet BTair Q12 par can lights, and 2 Chauvet BTair T3 batten lights that can be controlled remotely for a smartphone,” Cooper says. “And as we did for The Lock Tavern, we installed an impressive AV system of 2 Samsung NU7400 4K TVs, 1 NEC P554U projector, and Wyrestorm MX0404 distribution. Although this added some extra time and effort to the project, we were thrilled to have such an integral role in shaping the entertainment systems in these terrific venues.”

Following the completion of The Gun and The Lock Tavern installations, Cooper expressed how important it is “to stay with a small passionate team that cares about what they’re doing.[..] we like to deal with the person whose event it is, or the person whose venue it is. In my experience looking at the industry, the more corporate and the larger you go, the further away from that you get.

“We are over the moon with what we have accomplished in transforming the quality of sound produced within these iconic venues. This joy is shared by Bradley at The East London Pub Co. – he loves the versatility and incredibly clear output of quality sound from the systems and has said how much he appreciated the tailored service and how we ‘understood what [he] wanted to deliver’ throughout the process. We definitely think that the local music scene will benefit from this project, with both pubs fully equipped to put on a rocking show!”


Kit List

The Lock Tavern

1st floor venue

  • 4 x TW Audio M8i speakers
  • 1 x TW Audio B14i Subwoofer
  • 1 x Powersoft Quattrocanali amplifier
  • 2 x RCF stage Monitors
  • 1 x Allen & Heath QU-PAC digital mixer

Ground floor and gardens

  • 10 x Apart Audio MASK4CT speakers
  • 4 x Martin Audio Speakers
  • 2 x RCF subwoofers
  • 1 x Apart Audio ZONE4 zone mixer
  •  AV 2 xSamsung NU7400 4K TVs
  • 1 x NEC short throw projector
  • Wyrestorm video distribution

The Gun

Main PA

  • 2 x TW Audio T20i speakers
  • 2 x TW Audio B14i Subwoofers
  • 1 x Powersoft Quattrocanali amplifier
  • 1 x Yamaha MTX3 and DCP wall panels for control
  • 16 x Apart Audio MASK4CT
  • 2 x Outline Eidos 108 subwoofers
  • 1 x Powersoft Quattrocanali Amplifier

Stage sound

  • 2 x RCF 4PRO monitors
  • 1 x Allen & Heath QU-PAC digital Mixer

Lighting effects

  • 8 x Chauvet BTair Q12 parcans
  • 2 x Chauvet BTair T3 battens

AV element

  • 2 x Samsung NU7400 4K TVs
  • 1 x NEC P554U projector
  • 1 x Wyrestorm MX0404 distribution