Case Study

Revitalising Ealing Golf Club’s PA system

Rejuvenating old systems

Founded in 1898, Ealing Golf Club has a long, rich history and prides itself on combining traditional benefits and values with contemporary technology and equipment for its members. Boasting premier grounds and first-class function facilities, the club is a truly luxurious haven for its visitors. It’s the perfect place for weddings, funerals, parties and conferences, whilst also being a welcoming place for the local community and those in the surrounding London areas.

As a large, multi-functioning venue, Ealing Golf Club requires a complex PA system. The old set-up, which served bars, the banqueting room and the conference room, was malfunctioning and no longer reliable enough to live up to their high standards. As is common with big PA systems such as theirs, the equipment worked fine, but over time, as staff came and went, the ins and outs of how to use the equipment had been lost in translation meaning it was not being used to its full advantage. Plus, as commercial equipment is often not very user friendly, it can only take a few instances of “knob twiddling” to knock the whole set off balance.

With the need for a new PA system apparent, Flipside were contacted with quite a bespoke request – to help them restore the PA system to provide music and microphone access through existing ceiling speakers to five areas across the whole club. They also needed help tidying up the jungle of wires and piece of equipment that had gathered over the years.

Reconstruction & development

Flipside Managing Director, James Cooper recalls: “We began by talking through the issues via email and requested photos of the setup. It’s a preliminary process we use to help us work out exactly what the issues are so we can save time and money on diagnosing the issues.

“It was obvious, that although the existing system was outdated, it was still fit for purpose and just needed a good refresh. We know that sometimes replacing the whole system isn’t the most financially viable option, so we began by fault testing the full system to identify the parts that needs replacing – as it turned out, surprisingly little.”

The major task for Flipside was to rewire and rehouse the rack of equipment stored in the staff office. For this, the team installed a new lockable rack to house the equipment, reconfigured the system based on the Golf Club’s needs and replaced cabling and parts of the equipment. A key part of the solution was to ensure staff were well trained to use the equipment, so Flipside ran them through step-by-step instructions and produces easy to follow instructions to ensure ongoing usability.

Cooper adds: “Following the install, we’ve continued to develop their system. We have increased the number of remote inputs for microphones, upgraded one of the wireless microphones and traced back input points. By installing a simple sub-mixer we’ve been able to provide the option of using any of the room microphone input with a simple one-button control.”

Reliability at its core

What Ealing Golf Club have now is a fully-functioning system that’s robust and reliable enough to last for years to come. Chairman of Ealing Golf Club, Mike Pearce says: “When searching for a company to help sort out our PA system, we looked at various website but felt Install Flipside had the skills, personal touch and customer skills that served us best.

“Flipside emailed us for details about the equipment and the problems we were experiencing, and they were confident they could provide a solution at a reasonable price. They even installed a new control box that was more user friendly than the original, we now have a system that works perfectly, neatly housed and easy for staff to operate.”

Kit List

  • Audio Technica System10Pro microphones
  • APart PM1122 pre-amplifier
  • APart REVAMP amplifiers
  • Various APart speakers to replace faulty existing