Case Study

Upgrading voice projection at Michaela Community School

Increasing the volume

Michaela Community School is a free school in Wembley Park, London. Founded by its headmistress Katharine Birbalsingh, the school opened in September 2014 in a converted office block and up until recently, teachers had been standing on top of a small soap-box platform to call the students back in from their breaks, which proved no easy task as the playground backs onto a fairly busy railway line.

As the school is growing and Heads of Years often need to speak to their year group as a whole, the existing solution of shouting across the playground was proving to be a frustrating challenge.

Quality & usability

The school got quotes from three different companies, and after some internal deliberation, decided that Flipside would be a good fit for the job. “When Flipside came to visit, we felt that they were knowledgeable and wanted to provide an excellent service. We chose Flipside as they were midrange. They were conscious of good quality at a reasonable price,” says Vicky Squire, Office Manager at Michaela Community School in Wembley

James Cooper, Managing Director at Flipside recalls: “They were looking for a ‘quality and easy to use product that would reach pupils across the playground.’ The system needed to be weatherproof, loud enough for all the students to be able to hear clearly above the background noise, simple to operate for teachers and provide some hardwearing mechanical protection from basketballs and the like.

“We chose a 100v line of Apart Audio MASK4CT speakers in white, covered with protective cages and a single MA240 mixer amplifier. Two Channel’s of Audio Technica’s System 10 Pro wireless handhelds fit the bill nicely due to their detachable antenna cassettes. This meant we could run two lengths of external grade CAT5 cable outside and mount the antennas in the playground to ensure bulletproof wireless coverage while the rack housing the equipment stayed nice and dry inside.”

Excellent results

When asked to comment on the service and solution provided by Flipside, the school came back with the following:

“They were professional, tidy and talked us through how everything worked. The equipment is great. Very easy to use. Everyone is very pleased with the result. It has improved the day to day running of the school hugely. We are now able to make announcements easily.”

Kit List 

  • 1 x Apart Audio MA240 mixer amplifier
  • 1 x Audio Technica System 10 Pro 2 channel wireless microphone system
  • 12 x Apart Audio MASK4CT white + Protective cages