Our Services

From our first conversation to our renowned after-sales support, the Flipside AV team is here to help and guide you

We use audiovisual design to transform venues into uplifting environments. We achieve this through:

System Design

Every AV system design begins with a conversation, giving you the chance to explain what you want to achieve, and us the opportunity offer the real-world insight. We passionately believe that no one understands your vision better than you, so we make it our goal to listen carefully before we create an audio visual design that fits your project perfectly. During the design process we will work closely with you to ensure we’re getting it right, then we’ll demonstrate our suggested solutions so you can make an experienced decision. We won’t waste your time with off-the-shelf answers, we will give you expertise and honesty.

Project Management

At Flipside AV, we’re proud of our long experience creating installed AV systems in venues of every kind, but we’re also still young enough as a company that every project feels personal. Sometimes we all feel as though our suppliers see us as just another entry in a CRM – in contrast, we proudly view our clients as our partners in producing amazing spaces. Accordingly, our project management is as personal, direct and honest as it is meticulous in ensuring your project stays on plan, on time and on budget.


Audio visual installs may come in every shape and size, but some fundamental truths almost always apply. Flipside AV has successfully delivered hundreds of AV installations in the UK and further afield, giving us the depth of experience to understand how we can best make this work for you. Our installation team has worked in every kind of environment, from bustling restaurants that need to stay open to historic churches that need to be cared for. At every step of the way, we will work with you and any other people on site to ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible and delivers everything you wanted to achieve.


Our personal approach to business begins with that first conversation then carries on throughout our working relationship, often for years after the original installation has been completed. From the beginning, our ability to retain clients has been a huge source of pride for the team at Flipside AV. Our partners frequently return to us for successive projects and we make a point of never being more than a phone call away. From basic service and maintenance agreements to far deeper ongoing relationships, we don’t just do after-sales support, we invest our energy and expertise into every project we undertake and then we stick around for the long-term.

Case Studies

We are proud to have created custom audio visual installs for hundreds of spaces across the UK. Explore some of our favourite projects here.