Commercial Audio Systems

Covering everything from background music to announcements in venues as diverse as restaurants and railway stations meaning the requirements will be different for every project.

Heard but not seen

A commercial audio system can be different things to different people. On the one hand, it is the background music system that is creating the atmosphere in a shop. Equally, it is the PA system at a convention centre broadcasting announcements to visitors. With this broad spectrum of use cases, it is important that your commercial sound system is designed to meet your needs. If you want the ability to make both pre-recorded and live announcements, you will need tools like a microphone and a scheduler, if you want different music to play in different areas you will need a zone mixer. Flipside AV will listen to what you want to achieve with your system and make our recommendations so you can always get the best results.

Working for you

Your commercial audio system is the perfect tool to interact with your customers. Your background music system will help to define the atmosphere that you want to create, while putting your patrons in the right mood to spend their time and money with you. This can combine with a paging solution to keep them informed, but more importantly, to keep them safe as well. When a commercial audio solution has been designed well, it should be expandable to grow with you, but also tamper-proof to provide simple control for your staff and the peace of mind to know that only trusted users can make changes.

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Our Process

Each of our installed AV solutions are tailormade to achieve the goals our clients set out but the process we follow remains the same.





What to expect

We understand that investing in new AV technology can be a big decision. These five questions will help you to think clearly about your project and help us to find the right solution.

  • What atmosphere do you want to create?
  • How many different areas do you want to cover?
  • Do you need to make announcements?
  • Who is going to use it?
  • How much do you want to spend?

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